What types of partnership programs are available?

We engage with partners who fall under these categories:

  • Our reseller programme is designed for resellers, integrators, and developers who want to sell and implement our solutions
  • Our independent software vendor (ISV) (application developer) programme is best suited for application development firms who wish to embed our solution within their own IP
  • Our Systems integrator (SI) programme is best suited to small and large systems integration firms and architects who with to craft specific solutions based on our platform, either with internal or external development teams
  • Our referral agreement is perfect for agencies and consultants who bring deals to our attention but won't be acting in a resale capacity

How do we become a partner?

Take a look at the program details to review the details of our partner programme. If you like what you discover, we encourage you to complete our Partner Program application.

One of our Partner Programme success managers will respond by email or phone to get the ball rolling. After a brief assessment, we’ll forward a partner agreement for your review and corporate signature.

Once the agreement is complete, we’ll jump right in with a partner briefing and consultative support.

What kinds of partner support do you provide?

We provide a number of resources for partners, including:

  • Access to new markets
  • Receive resale discounts
  • Access to marketing and sales resources and materials
  • Internal use right and free software maintenance as long as you're an active partner
  • Access to unlimited online training resources
  • Partner discount to classroom training and conferences
  • Partner network collaborations and network groups

What is your partner compensation?

All registered partners are entitled to receive discount pricing as defined in their partner agreement. Depending on the type of partner relationship you have with us, you may be entitled to additional compensation:

  • Resellers are entitled to commission based on the market category they operate in and the value of the sales opportunity. For more information, consult with our partner team.
  • On top of the profits generated by their independently developed products, ISVs are entitled to a commission based on product bundles that include our products, as well as any referrals they generate.  ISVs are also entitled to submit their own API's or App's within the EyA market places for additional shared commission.
  • Systems integrators and consultants are entitled to a mixture of all programmes depending on their individual needs, markets and footprint
  • Referral partners are entitled to a commission for the referrals they generate based on the market, product, and value of the sales opportunity.

What types of training are offered?

For a full list of the classroom training sessions we offer, please consult a member of the Partner Programme Staff for a full course catalog.

Visit our Partner Portal home page to register for upcoming webinars and online training.